Jannine Bennett SHAC artist

Jannine Bennett

Jannine travels often and regularly goes to ‘faraway places’. Her very first trip was in 1976 to Nepal and India. Jannine says ‘ .. Photography began as simply a record of the journey and is now about deeper insight into what I am experiencing …’ Her Nikon D7200 is her precious travelling companion.

Mardi Featherston

Mardi is inspired by colour, textures and the intangibles found in nature and particularly the innate joy in animals. Mardi’s work is a clash of hand drawn or painted textures and vibrant colour. These limited edition prints represent some of our local feathered friends!

Dune1 Ian Kemp Photography

Ian Kemp

I think about life, about its impermanence, about its arbitrary nature about how nothing lasts forever. We exist in the memory of those who know us or in our work, nothing more. What we leave behind are artefacts the detritus of our lives, the sum total of our work the symbols of our existence.

Soldiers Hill Artist Cafe in Soler artwork 2 Greenfield Place Ballarat

Aldona Kmiec

Aldona Kmiec is an award-winning photographer passionate about activating regional communities through artistic excellence. She’s also a skilled marketer and is behind our web presence. my medium… I feel I express myself best in a visual way. Written words can be misinterpreted when you work in a different country and people often do not understand…