SHAC Ballarat Abigail Robertson_blue wrens bronze sculptures

Abigail Robertson

I am a self-taught artist who moved to Ballarat three-years ago (2015). I usually paint in oil but have always loved bronze sculpture, particularly of the Art Navo and Art Deco eras. My background in dental technology taught me lost wax casting, a technique that I have used to make these three fairy wrens. I…

Elaine Wheildon

Elaine Wheildon

Elaine is a talented painter, printmaker and illustrator. Her work is often inspired by living as a small child, inside the secure fence of a beautiful garden. The painting shown here is “Storm Alert”.

LYNNE MAKINGS Bound 1 Doll fabric and twine Know No Bounds 2018

Lynne Makings

“I’m getting old” That’s it. I feel it in my body, my bones ache. Surrender. My current works come from a deep need to transform pain into a still form of art. One more time, trying to find a simple beauty. One more go at accepting fate realizing I know very little of this world……

Neale Thompson furniture art Ballarat

Neale Thompson

“I gather inspiration from organic and architectural forms and relish the opportunity to produce fine furniture that will appreciate in value. Furniture should be pleasing to the eye, it should be functional and it should reflect the skills of the designer/maker. Many hours go into the hand-cutting of dovetails and mortise and tenons and I…


James Pasakos

James Pasakos Artist Biography TACIT Contemporary Art: Jimmy Pasakos is a practising visual artist. His core theme is ‘sense of place and identity’, one that has been largely influenced by the Melbourne Docklands, Australia. The artist spent his childhood exploring the industrial docklands of Melbourne – that polluted artificial landscape reflected in his earlier artwork,…

Christine Nordenadler SHAC Artist Ballarat Soldiers Hill Artist Collective

Christine Nordenadler

Sustaining permanent disability following an accident was the impetus for Christine to leave behind her field of Calligraphy and Manuscript Illumination and embrace the challenges of exploring other mediums. Her interest in Art as Therapy and the Outsider Art movement stem from her own experience as a fringe dweller. Her recent works have been explorations…


Lorraine Huddle

Lorraine is now our ‘go to’ media person as well as our font of knowledge, on all things to do with the history of buildings and towns. She is one of our photographers and in particular specialises in digital, photographic art.

Jan Leishman SHAC Artist

Jan Leishman

Jan is an extraordinary fibre artist – here’s some of what she has to say about her work: ‘I weave tapestries on a loom. I love colour, texture and textiles and creating pictures in woven thread …’

Kate Cullinan SHAC Artist

Kate Cullinan

“I’ve been creating art for the last 9 years exploring photography, painting and sculpture, creating thematic series of works eg Outback series, Marine, Nature as Healer. I’m motivated by the world around me, my travels and the healing quality of arts involvement.”