Aldona Kmiec is an award-winning photographer passionate about activating regional communities through artistic excellence. She’s also a skilled marketer and is behind our web presence.

my medium…

I feel I express myself best in a visual way. Written words can be misinterpreted when you work in a different country and people often do not understand how the language we speak, the culture we were brought up in affects the way we think. So I’m very mindful about cross-cultural ways of communication. And with photographs – you don’t need to explain photographs – they speak for themselves.

my inspirations..

.. continuous art practice that empowers diverse regional communities.

My photographic art has been featured on The Design FilesArt Lovers Australia and The Block 2019. 

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Soldiers Hill Artist Cafe in Soler artwork 2 Greenfield Place Ballarat
Artwork: Aldona Kmiec, Photo: Kim Selby Photography

Soldiers Hill Artist Collective Aldona Kmiec Wimmera Nights artwork